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For many families, cremation is a dignified and respectful way to remember and honor loved ones that have passed away. Once in our care, your loved one is our highest priority and will remain with us throughout the entire process, as we own and operate our own crematory. Memorial Mortuaries and Cemeteries has decades of experience providing cremation services to Salt Lake City and Utah families. Your family will be taken care of throughout each step of the process, as we are here for you, each step of the way.

Our cremation utah specialists will meet with you and your family to make sure all of you and your family’s needs are met. We firmly believe in the important role services and ceremonies play throughout the grieving process. Celebrations of life, Memorial Services, or other events designed to celebrate and honor the life of your loved ones allow a space for you and your family to grieve, honor and remember your loved one while receiving tremendous support from family, friends, and those in your community. This support, we believe, is crucial for many families during the time shortly after a loved one has passed away. For that reason we have many different service offerings available to families who wish to cremate their loved ones, including:

  • Full service “traditional” funeral services with cremation (including a traditional viewing and funeral service)
  • Celebration of life events
  • Private Family Viewings (a time for you and your closest family members to be with your loved one alone)
  • Catering
  • Use of a cremation ark (a ceremonial container used in memorial or remembrance services after the cremation has occurred, at select locations)

Memorial Mortuaries and Cemeteries’ Cremation Utah Services lead the state in safety, quality, and service. We are dedicated to helping your family begin the healing process by providing dignified services for your loved one and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Frequently asked questions regarding cremation:


Can I have a funeral service along with a cremation?

Cremation is a form of disposition, much like a cemetery burial. A funeral or celebration service, on the other hand, is an event where family and friends gather together to remember and honor the life of a loved one. Most families hold some sort of funeral or celebration service either before or after the cremation takes place. These services can be incredibly beneficial to the surviving family members and close friends, as it allows for a time to collectively grieve and begin the healing process after a death has occurred.

When families opt to not hold some sort of remembrance or celebration of life service, they often end up postponing their grieving to a time when other family and friends have already moved on, which often leaves those left behind feeling alone and without support.


What should I do with my loved ones cremated remains after the cremation?

There are three main methods of disposition of cremated remains after a cremation has taken place. Some families opt to keep the cremated remains in a decorative urn at home. Others opt to scatter their loved ones cremated remains. Finally, many families decide to inter their loved ones remains in a cemetery, much like a traditional burial.

While the needs of each individual family will vary, many families prefer to have a final resting place for their loved ones in a cemetery or memorial park. There are several options that a family has available to them in a cemetery:

  • Traditional burial spaces for cremated remains
  • Mausoleum “niche” spaces
  • Columbarium niche wall
  • Cremation scattering gardens

If you have any questions about Memorial’s cremation cemetery options, please give us a call at 801-262-4631.


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